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FRONTESA ,UAB is a recruitment company with international experience. We offer well-paid jobs for delivery driver(s) in GERMANY.

As we understand that jobs are often needed here and now, we do our best to help you get a job as soon as possible. Once you have agreed on a position with a particular company, we will help you to quickly arrange all the necessary documents for your employment. We are in constant contact with all the employees employed by FRONTESA, UAB and are always ready to give an advice and help.



Temporary employment or hiring is a form of employment in which you enter into an employment contract with FRONTESA, UAB and work abroad is organised on a secondment basis in our partner companies in Germany. When your assignment in one company ends, we will offer you a job in another. In the event of a change of jobs, the contract with FRONTESA, UAB will remain in force.

We would like to assure you that we only offer legal employment and all our recruitment services are free of charge.